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    We have books & videos about prospecting and mineral identification, metal detectors, canopies, emergency supplies, GPS units & accessories, hats, magnets, magnifiers, scales, UV lights, black sand magnets, black sand tumblers, classifiers, cleanup tools, crevice tools, drywashers, wetwashers, gold maps, gold pans, gold testing supplies, hand tools, sluices, power sluices, pumps, spiral panners, tweezers, vials, vacuums, and mining tools!

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  • Ghost Towns of Northern California
    No one knows ghosts towns--nor what ghost town lovers want to know about them--like Philip Varney & Tony Hillerman. Get ready for adventure as ghost town expert Philip Varney takes you on a tour of Northern California's most fascinating historic mining camps and ghost towns. Ghost Towns of Northern California provides background on the Gold Rush of 1849 and later strikes, as well as comprehensive information on more than 50 towns and sites--from out-of-the-way Campo Seco and New Idria to popular sites such as Coloma and Bodie. Varney also covers ghost forts, Chinese fishing villages, and the famous "ghost prison" of Alcratraz. If you're an armchair visitor, you'll appreciate the rich color photographs and descriptive text that bring the region to life. With chapters arranged by region and tons of travel information and maps, visitors will find this pictorial guide makes traveling the area a breeze. John Drew is the photographer of Ghost Towns of Colorado; he and his wife Susan Drew have photographed ghost towns throughout the West.
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    Follow The Drywashers 5233 - The Nugget Shooter's Bible
    The new 7th edition of Jim Straight's classic THE NUGGET SHOOTERS BIBLE. How to, where to, techniques, maps, etc. This book was out of print for a few years but now has been republished by popular demand. 265 pages. This is an essential read for any prospector using a drywasher to be able to use a metal detector to pick up the gold that would have been missed.
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    Fist Full of Gold
    How you can find gold in the mountains and deserts. This is one of the best books on the market to help you to understand how the gold got here. It explains the formation of the rocks and what to look for when you go out into the mountains and desert. I call this my bible that I read over and over. It is written in layman's terms so it is very understandable.
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