• Gold Recovery

    Cut back on the time and effort it takes to extract gold. Our gold recovery products will speed up the whole gold mining process and get you to the gold faster!

Gold Recovery

  • Gold Magic Spiral Gold Recovery System
    All components are designed for rugged outdoor use. The frame is made of marine-grade aluminum. The fasteners and pan shaft are made of marine-grade stainless steel. No lubrication of any part is needed. We use the latest high tech bearing materials for no maintenance and long life. The motor has a permanently lubricated, sealed gear case. The battery charger is always available because it is built in. The charger will recharge the battery in about 10 hrs. There is a built in control. to prevent overcharge. The removable gold concentration cup allows you to to remove and pour your gold directly into your pan. This machine pans your dirt for you. It gets it right down to the black sand and gold. It will run a 5 gal bucket in about 20 minutes. Your concentrates in seconds. This machine will run material wet or dry.