• Recirculating Equipment
    Recirculating gold equipment is designed to help you get the gold much faster than panning or dry washing. We offer a number of premier dry washers available for purchase.

Our Recirculating Equipment

  • Gold Buddy 5691
    Like the original gold buddy this is a self contained unit with many uses - Prospecting, sampling, concentrate cleanup. This is a much higher volume hibanker than the original Gold Buddy, but is designed like the original with a two stage classifier sluice. The upper stage, which contains the classifier screen, is 21 inches long and 8 inches wide. The lower level sluice is 24 inches long, 8 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches tall. It is attached to a sluice stand which has four adjustable legs to conform to any terrain. It is powered by a 12 volt 1250 gph electric pump which draws only 2.6 amps. The total weight of the V1250 Hibanker is only 14 pounds.
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  • Gold Buddy Mini-HiBanker
    A complete mini-hibanker with many uses - Prospecting, sampling, concentrate cleanup. The top classifier box has a classifying section that allows larger stones to drop off the end in a waste pile while the smaller, heavier material is washed into the lower sluice where the gold is trapped in the riffles and carpet. Powered by a 12 volt 750 gph electric pump. The hopper is 7 x 20 inches and is 4 inches deep. The sluice is 7 x 24 inches. The total weight is less than 12 lbs. Comes complete with everything you need except the optional plastic tub, if you want to set it up to recirculate, a plastic tailings bucket, and a 12 volt battery.
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  • Gold Buddy 6529 Hibanker/Power Sluice Combo With 2.5 Hp
    The JOBE Power Sluice is designed around the JOBE 48 inch Yellow Jacket stream sluice. The JOBE adjustable 4 leg stand and the JOBE Hibanker Hopper are attached to the sluice. Powered by a JOBE 2 1/2 hp, 4-cycle, gasoline pump. It can also be set up with a recovery tub to complete a hibanker recirculating system. Includes 8 feet of 1 1/2 inch intake hose, an intake screen, 25 feet of 1 1/2 inch lay-flat discharge hose, and all necessary fittings. The sluice also comes with an aluminum flare, not shown, which replaces the Power Sluice Header Box so that the sluice can also be used as a normal stream sluice.
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